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About us

Al Dana Partners Limited

The company was established in 2011 and headquartered out of Zurich, Switzerland from where we are located.

Services offered

We are dedicated in advising families with tangible and non-tangible, business,
financial, human and social assets.                       Assisting families and individuals in building
their dreams, gaining independence and self-fulfillment.

Catering to the many wealth-and non-wealth related issues (i.e.banking,fancial,Properties, businesses, collectibles,                   lifestyle, education,health, concierge services, and consulting clients with their business and personal issues,                         with the assistance
 of proven experts in the field.

Our Advantage - Benefits

Existing network of clients and project owners, access to peer networks, access to closed, private groups.                               Clear working procedures adapted to local as well as cultural specifics. Local, on the ground knowledge and                       always having a client-centric perspective.

Preserving and growing your family’s heritage,values and wealth across the global life-cycle.
Direct, personal contact with the key decision-makers and therefore undiluted access. Flat ierarchy and timely                             decision-making process for clients due to direct access to providers and clients.

Our Vision – Mission Statement

To become one of the leading private wealth ambassadors and private offices for European  and Middle Eastern               families and entrepreneurs and be their first point of contact and source  of information as well as access to                         off-market pportunities from our peer community.

To advise business people and families in developing and/or growing long-term, sustainable businesses 
in Europe and the Middle East.