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Advisory Board

    We have Members of several Royal Families from Bahrain , Saudi and Qatar on Board, as well as a rich 

    heritage and network of entrepreneurs from Europe on Board.

    Amongst our partners there are leading entrepreneurs as well as Business families and their private 
    offices, endowments and key decision-makers from semi-govermental organizations from Europe 
    and the GCC
  Advisory Board Members  

 -  Muneera Al Mubarak :             Chairman and Board of Directors -  Kingdom of Bahrain
 -  Dr. Steen Ehlern :                   Managing Partner  -  United Kingdom
 -  Shaikh Hassan Al Thani :         Advisor  - Qatar
 -  Shaikh Hamad Al Thani :         Advisor  -  Qatar

 -  Moteb Al Shammary :             Advisor  -  Saudi Arabia
 -  Shaikh Khalifa Al Khalifa :       Advisor  -  Kingdom of Bahrain

-   Naif Alghaith :                       Advisor  -  Saudi Arabia