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The Importance Of Brand Positioning Strategy

As an island nation, Bahrain has much to be proud of. Bahrain was the fist trade center for the region, at the crossroads of Mesopotamia and India. We were the first GCC country to diversify its economy away from the oil.
We have what is regarded as the leading, most established financial services regulator in the region, providing business friendly regulation to the highest international standards.
As of today nearly 400 institutions from 28 countries have been licensed to operate in Bahrain. These comprise a broad range of conventional and Islamic banking and insurance companies, seeking to capitalise on regional and global trends, in addition to investment banks, financial intermediaries and asset managmentcompanies.
Bahrain has one of the Middle East's most advanced tele-communications systems. We have the highest quality of life in the Gulf and the greatest degree of economic freedom. We have an outward looking and inclusive culture that makes it easy for visitors and international residents to feel at home. Bahrainis can be proud of what has been achieved.
We all have an important role to play in the economic, social and culture success of our nation. By concentrating on our particular qualities, we will give ourselves an advantage in this highly competitive world.
We will stand out-improving our image and helping our economy whilst retaining our essential character.