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Next Generation

Every prosperous family faces the ultimate test,"How do we prepare our children to find fulfilment in life,whilst equuipping them with the skills to successfully preserve the family's wealth?"

Bringing up children in context of wealth is an enormous challenge. We advise mothers and fathers on the complex parenting challenges they face. We equally educate children to prepare themselves for the wealth they will inherit.

Financial Crisis : Major financial crises occur approximately once every eight years. Educating the next generation to effectives stewards of family fortune is of paramount importance. Al Dana Partners works with families to educate the next generation in terms of their investing mindset, improving their technical skills and supervising their overall managment of the family's financial capital.

Parental concerns : We all know growing up is hard to do- fo both children and their parents. A number of common parental concerns are presented to ensure a successful estate transition.

Next Generation Checklist: Without realizing it, the majority of parents devote far more time to preparing the legal aspects of estate transition than preparing their heirs for the consequences of those documents,let alone consulting the heirs in sufficient detail to enable them to successfully manage the family's wealth for the future generations.

By working through the ten areas outlined in the checklist graphic, families are able to weight the likelihood of a successful transition significantly in the family's best interests.